“Hello! Have you seen Ball?” “Sort of small, orange skin, squeaks?” “Always hiding?” “I love her so much…” “l left her right here last night!” “Yes, right here.” “Up there?” “No?” “Oh, you have Ball!” “Yes yes yes! Waiting!” “Still….waiting…..” “Oh! Ball!!” “Don’t leave me!” “I love you, Ball!” “I can’t believe I gave birth […]

What Kind Of Person Owns (Ha Ha!) A Dachshund?

Something Wagging This Way Comes, one of my favorite blogs, set me to thinking when she broached the subject of matching dog breeds to people on her blog the other day. I mean, really, what does owning a Wiener dog say about you? What if you own SIX of the little…you know….effers? I thought, and […]


Can dogs have their own Facebook page? Because mine are asking. Not that they want to know what any of their friends are doing: that’s what wet noses are for. They just notice me paying more attention some mornings to my computer than to them. Weiner curiosity and general alarm over possible competition prods them […]

Wiener Zen

I read an interesting post this morning from Something Wagging This Way Comes, about all the ways dogs are useful in our lives. And it got me to thinking: in this techy wonderland we’re all living in, with our devices blinking at us through the night, surgically attached to our palms, and now with Google […]

Franny Parses the Government Shutdown

The day after the government shutdown, I noticed Franny morosely mooching around in her blanket nest. Quickly, as I have been trained to do, I flipped her a rawhide chewy, thinking that’s what she was hunting for. She didn’t even look at it, just kept harrumphing around and around, until her nest was perfect, a […]

Wiener Dog Rules: Instructions For The Dog Sitters

Once, long ago, we got to go somewhere. I don’t even remember where, now; what I remember is making a list for our friends who would be dog and house sitting that was longer and more comprehensive than any I would have dreamed of getting up for actual child babysitters. This is the list they […]

When Nature Calls You Need That Special Place

We’re always thinking about taking a road trip in the van with the 6 Wieners, but the discussion usually breaks down just casting our eyes around the house, and taking in the six of them and their unfortunate habits. Like pissing on our stuff, running away, finding other dogs offensive, barking at ants, etc. The […]