My rabbit Tatoo kept getting out. I kept seeing two long, two short footprints in the snow….like Morris Code for ” Where’s Waldo?…everywhere I knew a rabbit shouldn’t be. Or I’d be outside getting firewood or a Pepsi in a snow bank and register a flash of black and white out of the corner of my eye. And there he’d be, running and hopping and skipping all over the place and the dogs would just freeze, like “What do we do now?” So I’d frown at them for even thinking bad Wiener thoughts and banish them to the house, then throw open all the gates so Tatoo could betake his royal self back to his little condo complex when he was good and ready. This goes on for two weeks until it is almost warm enough one day for me to hang outside and observe his escape modus operandi. Turns out he just throws the length of his body…I had no idea he could stretch that much…and flings himself over his gate. I fixed that by raising the height of the gate in freezing temperatures with numb fingers manhandling tools and screws, and I think I’ve fixed the problem of Tatoo. The next morning I go outside expecting to feed a Ram, two ducks, five chicks and a rabbit sitting nicely and appreciatively in his heated rabbit apartment and there he is in Rambos pen giving Rambo the rabbit finger by eating Rambos hay. This wasn’t going to end well, so I got him out of there and spent another day trying to figure out how he was escaping. That night he didn’t go back to his own house and I was afraid he’d really decided to leave for good. The next morning I let the chickens out and Tatoo comes right out of the door with them! Later I found a side door in his condo that he’d managed to shimmie open. In fact, he let me see how he did it

I really like this rabbit and his bold free moves. I dream about him at night…. The flash of black and white, the twitch of his nose as he sails past me wherever I am. Like my fleeting youth gone by and the fast pace of days winking out behind me, Tatoo reminds me that all is ephemeral and not to take life too seriously, but grab those raspberry leaves while you can and never let the gate hit you in the ass.


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