The Evolutionary Leap

With the advent in the last couple of years of books address, seriously, seriously!! the interior, cranial life of dogs, I decided its time to repost a couple of observations about that I made last year. Also because the lastvpostvabout Mokie and Who Ate The Bacon goes to proof my point…and theirs…so beautifully.


Yesterday I was looking at pictures of Franny I have taken over time, and it hit me that this dog has got expressions on her face that exactly mirror mine. Yes, I’m saying it: “HUMAN expressions.” Emotive facial tics, grimaces, facial scrunchies, blank looks, pleased, self-absorbed, bored, listless, happy, thrilled, pissed, raging, disbelieving, confused, contemptuous…emotions run wild.

Now about 20 years ago PEOPLE IN THE KNOW were still saying, with the kind of condescending little burps of laughter that professionals of all types can’t seem to help injecting into their careful, nuanced explanations meant to ease the fevered imaginings of amateurs who get their information from mere personal observation—but I digress–they were still selling us that malarkey that dogs don’t really have emotions, except the kinds informed by biological “fight or flight” mechanisms. Of course, for hundreds, nay, thousands of years people the world over have been observing canine behaviour…

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2 thoughts on “The Evolutionary Leap

  1. So, as I read about how people not that long ago viewed animals (pets) as just things we (people) assign human feelings to, just for a joke, but not really….and what you wrote about what they really thought, the word “Republican” kept floating around my head. Not because I am making a funny, but because I can’t believe how some people can’t believe what is right in front of their noses!! The sad thing is ~ they will get in the way of a Democratic president making progress for humanity and America, but when they are in office, they won’t fix things themselves! It’s all just for the wallets of the Republican cronies, at the expense of the working Americans. And the Republican voters can’t see it!!! So, these folks who say pets don’t have emotions except those we assign them, they remind me of Republicans! Notice I didn’t post this in your blog! Smiles, Charlotte

    • Oh yeah thanks for that ha ha! I agree with you tho….there are people who just dig their feet in no matter if the real world demands a new outlook, and they especially dig in if there is any science involved! Common sense tells you animals are not all that dumb or mute, and Republicans think they have a lock on common sense, but obviously they are just reactive.

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