My Ten Nominations For The Liebster Award And The Questions They Must Answer!

These are ten blogs I like that I am nominating for the Liebster Award, and the questions they need to answer. They also need to nominate ten blogs of their own, and pose ten questions for their nominees.

A Dads Guide To Growing A Nerd
Something Wagging This Way Comes
The Jiggly Bits
The War In My Brain
A Brave Face
Two On A Rant
Hyperbole and a Half
Flakes of Life
Romancing the Thriller
……and one as yet not named…the Mystery Blog…coming soon.


1. Do you have an unusual relationship with anything?
2. Where do you park yourself to write?
3. When is it necessary to make a list?
4. Do you believe it’s cheating to use a dictionary when playing Scrabble?
5. If you won a million dollars, would you blog about it?
6. Describe the oddest child/adult/ pet you ever met.
7. Something’s gone wrong, and you have to seek shelter. You only have two choices. Where would you rather spend the night: in the Bronx Zoo or the New York subway?
8. Who would be your favorite historical figure to have a quiet dinner with at home?
9. You get to have one life, but you have to choose: Would you rather be President of The United States or a monk/nun on an idyllic Mediterranean island raising goats and sheep?
10. It’s 2AM. You’re awake. What are you thinking about?


6 thoughts on “My Ten Nominations For The Liebster Award And The Questions They Must Answer!

    • Let’s just say its an eclectic selection. I love the doggie- worthiness of your blog…the name alone is worth the Liebster as far as I’m concerned! I value sound writing, a sense of humor, and a solid knowledge of whatever subject you’re writing about. I think your blog has all that and more. From one dog blogger to another, here’s a wag of the tail to you!

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  3. Ann – I’m also honored! I love seeing my blog’s name net to your’s and the other nominees! Plus, answering your questions was a ton of fun. I just finished. I can’t wait to choose my nominees.

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