Fat City, Redux…Did You Think I Was Kidding?

Fat City, Redux...Did You Think I Was Kidding?

FRITZ……The “Before” Shot


4 thoughts on “Fat City, Redux…Did You Think I Was Kidding?

  1. Oh, boy. I as assuming Fritz lost some weight which was apparently a very good thing! I find it a little sad that the other commenters think it’s funny. It breaks my heart…but then again you are talking to someone who lives and breathes Doxie fitness. If only I could be so disciplined with myself. I think I look kinda like Fritz here. ha, ha.

    • Well, fritz only started gaining a lot when he lost all sight hearing and doesn’t smell well either. He just stopped going anywhere. He doesn’t trust on leash either so there u go. At 13 he’s pretty old but only been wanting to sleep all the time lately. Other Dixie’s look pretty good only a pound over weight. Fritz still enjoys life, humps his “bear” regularly and stands for his banana. We dont feel sorry for him, and he’s good for his blind dog halo and diapers! That’s what I love about dogs….they don’t feel sorry for themselves. Lots of lessons there. He has lots of fatty rumors on his belly. Not lethal. Bananas help believe it or not! Sent from Ann’s iPhone

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